WATCH: Singing Telegram Interrupts Weather Forecaster on Live Television

A WLTX meteorologist got a big surprise while she was live on the air

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Amy Aaronson just wanted to deliver an accurate weather forecast for the greater Columbia, S.C. region. After all, it is part of her job as a meteorologist forCBS affiliate WLTX to be as professional on-air as possible — even when a singing telegram invades her screen.

“It almost gave me a heart attack,” Aaronson told morning anchor Lauren Talarico after her 6:45 a.m. update was interrupted by “Captain Telegram,” who attempted to deliver a birthday message in song form to the shocked weather anchor while she was on-screen. The scene ended when The Captain escorted Aaronson off camera with a collection of balloons in tow.

Aaronson later tweeted her thanks to local radio station Magic 98.5 for sending her the birthday surprise, later adding, “I’m just glad it happened after I was done giving my forecast.”

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