Donald Trump Claims His Twitter Was Hacked

But seriously: would you have noticed?

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AP Photo / Julie Jacobson

First Burger King, then Jeep, and now The Donald.

Real estate mogul Donald Trump claims his Twitter (@therealDonaldTrump) was “seriously hacked” earlier today when a lyric from Lil Wayne’s “Scream and Shout” was tweeted from his account. Here’s a screenshot of the offending tweet, which has been deleted from his timeline (courtesy The Huffington Post‘s Gabrielle Dunkley):

[tweet] [tweet]

But would you have been able to tell that his Twitter got hijacked? Remember, this is the same guy who has said he’s never seen thin people drink Diet Coke, called Arianna Huffington ugly, gave unsolicited dating advice to Katy Perry, and offered to replace the “cheap” marble tiles at the United Nations building.

He also just said this:

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Is that thing on his head sending tweets?  It's alive!


Trump is a buffoon but he's right about China.


Last night I call my friend a bitch. Later I told her that my mouth was hacked. Somehow I left my mouth opened and forgot to shut it and it was compromised. These days! I left my house door opened and someone took my TV. Now I forgot to close my mouth and someone took my brain. Yeah Donald, I know how you feel.