Dennis Rodman May Not Know Which Korea He’s In

Troubling news for international diplomacy.

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In troubling news for international diplomacy, the NBA Hall-of-Famer and the former Mr. Carmen Electra may not actually know what part of the Korean Peninsula he’s in — democratic, economically vibrant South Korea, or, you know, the other one.

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Late evening local time, Rodman tweeted the following:

Internet star and “Gangnam Style” singer Psy, who tweets under the handle @psy_oppa, is South Korean. It’s unlikely that Rodman will run into him above the 38th Parallel, because the two countries remain technically at war ever since a cease-fire ended the Korean conflict in 1953.

The Worm is in North Korea with a film crew from VICE magazine to engage in a little “basketball diplomacy” according to the Associated Press; he is expected to run a basketball camp for children, play pickup games with locals and possibly scrimmage with some of the country’s top athletes.

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His tweet prompted a flurry of responses, ranging from the horrified:

To the snarky:

To the frankly concerned for Rodman’s safety:

Surely there’s more to come; those interested in following Rodman’s adventures can do so via the Twitter hashtag #WORMinNorthKorea.

So far, Psy has not replied.

UPDATE: Psy responded to Rodman:


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It was a joke. I'm sure he knows the difference. It was one of the few things he knew about Korea (either one) and used that as a comical bridge to his followers.

Give him some benefit of the doubt. I know that concept is as foreign as the very country he visited but its not a half bad philosophy.


I give all the credit to Dennis Rodman for his basketball skills.  Besides that, he's a complete and utter freak, and should not be representing any nation/state/city/tribe anywhere at any time.


Sarah Palin tutored him prior to his trip.

MourningCalm 1 Like

Maybe he doesn't know that there are two Koreas????


Keep in mind,Dennis Rodman is a product of the American public school system,so it only stands to reason that he DOESN'T know. 

Blame it on his schoolteachers and his parents(his Dad was a "playa" ,too. Apples falling from the tree,and all that).


You know which's downfall I blame this on? Society's.