Dog Wolfs Down 109 Stones During Walk on the Beach

It's been a rocky month for this pup.

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Labrador retrievers have never won the Westminster Dog Show, but if there was a prize for consuming the most pebbles, we’re pretty sure this pup from England would win.

Barney, a brown labrador, ingested 109 rocks during a walk on the beach in Kent, England, The Daily Mail reports. His owners Kim Woollard, a jeweller, and Andrew Woollard, a builder, took the dog to the veterinarian when they noticed he was acting “sluggish.” X-rays showed 79 pebbles in the pup’s stomach, and his owners later discovered 30 more in his “basket” that had already passed through his system. Doctors operated on Barney to remove the stones lodged in his stomach and intestines, and a few weeks later, he had another operation to fix a front tooth that was damaged by the stones.

Kim Woollard told the Daily Mail that the dog always loves to chew things: “He’s always stealing washing off the line and tissues. He grabs them and hides them in his basket.”

The British publication has nicknamed the dog “Barney Rubble” after the blonde-haired caveman in the The Flintstones.

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