WATCH: Wallaby Rescued From Ledge of a Four-Story Parking Lot

It's charming to watch kangaroos and wallabies scamper around – unless they're on a ledge.

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It’s charming to watch kangaroos and wallabies scamper around – unless they’re on a ledge.

The wallaby — essentially a smaller version of a kangaroo — was discovered on the ledge of four-story parking structure last Wednesday in an outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia. When it sat there for more than two hours, locals became increasingly concerned that it would jump off.

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Authorities set up nets to catch the marsupial in case it tumbled 164 feet down the structure. Finally, however, they were able to tranquilize the animal after it hopped off the ledge and landed on the ground. The marsupial was held for supervision at a local animal shelter for a few days until it was released back into the wild.

Manfred Zabinskas, who sedated the wallaby, told the Herald Sun, “He could have jumped either way when he was on the ledge. We were lucky he was a wallaby, as if it had been a kangaroo it would have been four to five times worse.” Zabinskas noted that kangaroos were more likely to jump off the ledge in that situation.

Zabinskas and other wildlife authorities the wallaby may have strayed into the city from the surrounding countryside.

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