Florida Man Arrested for Assault with Taco Bell Burrito

A man in Tampa Bay, Florida, has been charged with assaulting a boy with a Taco Bell burrito.

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You may have suspected Taco Bell burritos could be dangerous, but probably not like this: Erik Brown, a 36-year-old Tampa, Fla. resident, has been charged with assault for hitting a 16-year-old boy with a Mexican entrée.

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The victim — Brown’s brother-in-law, whose name was not disclosed — was reportedly arguing with his mother on Feb. 14, and told her to bring him a burrito that had picked up earlier in the day. Brown disliked the move, and “delivered” the burrito to the teenager by flinging it in his face. According to reports, the boy wasn’t injured, but did have “burrito cheese, sauce, and meat all over his face,” according to CBS Tampa Bay.

Though it is not clear what type of burrito Brown served up, after being arrested he threatened to “take care” of the boy once he was released from jail. According to the police report, the boy stated a fear of future violence from Brown.

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Brown was charged with battery and has been since booked into the local county jail. His court date is currently set for March 20th.


And now you can go to jail by hitting a burrito on a kid's face. Did he have any scars from the assault? Clearly the other kid who threw it at the other kid's face needs a serious attitude adjustment before he ends up doing something more serious later in life with that anger management issue he has. Grow up kid! Listen to your mother and you just might get somewhere in life!!


What a complete distortion of facts and truth. Gun related deaths in America are approximately 80 per day, 70% of those are killed by criminals or policeman in the line of duty. Semi automatic weapons like the AR-15 account for 350 deaths per year. Mass shootings are are in the decimal percentages. Americans are 650 times more likely to be killed by a Doctor than an AR-15 or ever be involved in a mass shooting. I think our government would serve the citizens better if they practiced spending control in lieu of gun control and created jobs.


Well, the kid got what he asked for. He should not have argued with his mother to begin with. I would see it as a form of slap in the face for wanting to be served. His brother in law didn't assault the kid as far as I am concerend