Reading While Eating for Mar. 4: A Cure for HIV?

In today's must-read links for your lunch break: A potentially ground-breaking case for HIV researchers and the latest chapter in Keith Olbermann's employment saga.

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Alex Wong / Getty Images

HIV+ patient holds up a sign in front of the White House after a march from the Washington Convention Center on July 24, 2012.

Early Treatment Eradicates Baby’s Infection. Researchers say that the successful case could provide guidance in the fight to eradicate the disease. (Reuters)

Today Is Grammar Day! The holiday is only five years old, but then again, at one point, all holidays were only five years old, so perhaps in hundreds of years we’ll be celebrating March 4 the way we do July 4 and December 25—and this sentence will no longer be a run-on. (mental_floss)

ESPN toKeith Olbermann: We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together: Despite rumors to the contrary, the Worldwide Leader in Sports appears to have moved on and is not inclined to revisit its earlier relationship. (Deadspin)

Chasing Aaron Carter: A Very Brief Bus Trip Into the Aftermath of Child Stardom. It’s a wonder that JC Chasez didn’t have a younger sibling who wanted in on this. (Flavorwire)

Justin Bieber Actually Didn’t Have The Worst Birthday Ever. That whooshing sound you just heard was Biebs’ 35 million Twitter followers letting out a collective sigh of relief. Still awaiting Damon Lindelof’s reaction to this development. (BuzzFeed)

Misunderstood Pants Sagger. Think about this next time you want to heckle some kid wearing his trousers down around his knees. (The Daily What)

Update: The Grapes Appear to Have Soured. Fox News aired a lengthy interview with Mitt and Ann Romney on Sunday. They’re totally fine, thanks for asking, but they fear for the rest of us. (Gothamist)

Gin & Tonics Are Huge in Spain. Who’da thunk it! And no, ‘Gin & Tonic’ is not code for ‘bourbon.’ We’re as confused as you are. (

Pretty Sure We Saw Something Like This in BASEketball. The best way to prevent a runner scoring from third with less than two outs is apparently not a strikeout. (YouTube via Yahoo!)



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@TIME @TIMENewsFeed This HIV case is all that anyone is talking about. Hopefully it will lead to more developments that will save millions.