Woman Mistakenly Receives Drugs in FedEx Package, Alleged Drug Dealers Show Up

A Boston-area woman claims FedEx mistakenly delivered a package of marijuana to her door — and the intended recipients came looking for it

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Say Fedex delivers a package, you open it, and inside, what initially appears to be a bag of scented spices turns to be, well, that substance Justin Bieber was recently accused of smoking.

And say further that after you inform local law enforcement of the drug delivery, and after they inform FedEx, the delivery company lets the intended recipient know where you live anyway — prompting said recipient to show up at your home looking for the package, with friends.

That is what allegedly happened to Maryangela Tobin of Plymouth, Mass., who’s now suing FedEx, accusing the shipper of violating her privacy and endangering her family,according to CBS Boston.

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When the package first arrived, Tobin reportedly mistook it for a birthday present for her daughter: She says it contained candles, pixie sticks and peppermint, and “something we thought was potpourri.” But potpourri it wasn’t: the vacuum-packed bags turned out to be marijuana. According to CBS Boston, Tobin called the police, who picked up the package and got in touch with FedEx to warn them that the Tobins might be at risk in the event the intended recipient came looking for it. An hour later, Tobin claims, someone arrived at her home looking for the package accompanied by two other men.

“I knew it was the person looking for the package, I was very nervous,” said Tobin, who she slammed and bolted the front door as the person outside asked her if FedEx had picked up the package. She says she’s now concerned for her family’s safety, adding “I walk into my house first every time, my kids don’t.”

In the suit, Tobin alleges that FedEx disclosed her address to suspected drug dealers despite explicit police recommendations not to and in violation of Massachusetts privacy laws.

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Ya, aniskysweift has probably got it right. 

And as for jway87, if you think pot is safer than alcohol, you've obviously never driven after smoking dope. 


That's FedEx for you. They'll throw you under anything they can to make a buck. I won't deal with them at all after they ran over my package with a truck and then refused to pay for the insurance on it. Disgusting company.


Ummm.. If the package was sent to her address, don't you think the person who sent it had the address and called his homies and told them it was delivered? They were probably hoping to intercept it.

jway87 like.author.displayName 1 Like

As a nation we really have to ask ourselves why we keep marijuana illegal at all. There's no question that marijuana is significantly milder, safer and less addictive than alcohol, so what do we gain by preventing people from choosing marijuana instead of alcohol?

In 1937 a government official named Harry Anslinger claimed that marijuana caused people to become ax murderers and sought to make it illegal. In the seventy years since the launch of his prohibition we've learned a few important things: 1.) The prohibition absolutely does NOT stop people using marijuana. 2.) The prohibition causes FAR more harm than what it prevents. 3.) Marijuana use does NOT cause people to become ax murderers. In fact, marijuana has repeatedly been proven to NOT cause cancer, heart disease, brain damage, liver disease, emphysema, violence or any other significant health issue, and its addiction potential is about on par with coffee.

Due to Mr. Anslinger's "mistake" American taxpayers are forced to pay $40 Billion/year for a prohibition that DOESN'T stop people using marijuana. And 700,000 people are needlessly arrested every year for the "crime" of choosing to relax with marijuana instead of alcohol. Despite all the harm that the seven decades of prohibition has caused, we have yet to hear of a single ax murder being prevented by keeping marijuana illegal.