Five Favorite Moments From ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’ As the Show Prepares to Return to TV

Aisha Tyler will step into Drew Carey's hosting shoes as the improv comedy showcase returns on the CW.

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There are few television shows that live up to the phrase “laugh out loud funny,” but Whose Line Is It Anyway? is one of them. Now, the wildly popular improvisational comedy showcase, which ran in the U.S. for eight seasons, is returning to television.

The series was spun off from a British show of the same name (and featuring some of the same comedians) which aired in 1988; the U.S. version, hosted by comedian Drew Carey, became a cult on ABC from 1998-2004 before moving to ABC Family for three seasons. With Carey is now busy hosting The Price is Right, the reboot will be hosted by Aisha Tyler, a comedian known for her work on FX’s animated series Archer and as a host on The Talk. She will be joined by the original show’s core group of wildly talented improvisers – Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Wayne Brady – along with a special guest comedian. While a premiere date hasn’t been announced yet, The CW confirmed the show’s return and that new episodes of Whose Line will air on the network this summer.

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While the show has been off the air for years, it has maintained a devoted following online with numerous Tumblrs, YouTube channels, websites and even a sub-Reddit dedicated to the show. If you missed the phenomenon, here are some of the show’s many highlights:

Richard Simmons’ Guest Appearance:

The Best Green Screen Clip Ever:

The Time Wayne Was A Singing Bass:

The Time Colin Made A Lot Of Party Fouls:

The One Where Colin Was An Arctic Tern:

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Thanks for the link -- gonna check that out right now.  Miss those reruns of Whose Line & will love seeing the gang up on stage again -- huge fan of Colin & Ryan. 

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There is a Facebook page that has recently been pushing for Whose Line to return and could be part of the reason that the show is coming back. It's called "Bring Back 'Whose Line is it Anyway'" and was shared by Colin Mochrie on his Facebook page in early January. They are also pushing for more Whose Line DVD releases and for Whose Line to be added to Netflix. Here is the link to the Facebook page.