WATCH: Boyfriend Pushes Girlfriend Off Cliff

Jessica Powell's response after being pushed off a 400-foot Utah cliff by her boyfriend was a classic.

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If your significant other is scared of heights, and is standing on the edge of a 400-foot precipice, you may want to think twice about pushing her off.

Jessica Powell – who was hooked safely into a harness – was basically shoved off a Utah cliff by her boyfriend, Creighton Baird, when she got too scared take the plunge on her own, Buzzfeed reported.

Powell’s mid-air reaction made for one of YouTube’s greatest exit lines: “I’m breaking up with you!”  Baird collapsed on the ground laughing and saying, “I just got dumped.”

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But they didn’t actually break up, according to the National Post.  Powell later thanked her boyfriend for helping her face her fears. As the Toronto Star noted, Baird posted a picture of the two post-shove to his Instagram page on Sunday with the caption:

“For all y’all asking the same damn question: This picture was taken as soon as Jessica ascended back up to the top after the infamous push. She gave me a massive hug and thanked me for helping her jump. So the answer is no, there was no breaking up to be had that day :-),”

The video, which went online last week, has gone viral with more than 3.5 million views on YouTube.  The 3:13-minute clip of Powell and Baird is part of a larger video – the Canyon Rope Jump – where several others take the 122-meter plunge off the Utah cliff, including Baird.

Devin Graham, creator of DevinSuperTramp, a company that specializes in making viral videos, spent four days filming the jumps and the 12-hour safety preparation, which caught Powell and Baird’s break-up, according to the Toronto Star.

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