WATCH: Six-Year-Old Girl’s Amazing Performance at an International Breakdancing Competition

This little girl from the UK has got serious moves.

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Six-year-old Terra from the UK — also known as “Bgirl Terra” — danced her way to victory at the “Baby Battle” portion of the 2013 Chelles Battle Pro, a breakdancing competition held in Paris, France, this past Saturday. She competed against an older breakdancer named Leelou from a group called The Ruggeds and won the “Best dancer of the Baby battle” title

But it’s no fluke of the draw; Terra has been part of a breakdancing group called the UK-based Soul Mavericks since 2012. The crew has also won the UK National B-Boy Championships in the past.

Fast-forward to the 00:44 mark to see this little girl strut her stuff.

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