VIDEO: ‘Elevator Murder Experiment’ Goes Viral

More importantly, what would a group of New Yorkers do if they accidentally stumbled upon a man trying to strangle another in an elevator?

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What would you do if you accidentally stumbled upon a man getting strangled in an elevator?

If this video, produced by ad agency Thinkmodo, is any indication, most of us would pretend to look the other way. As a marketing stunt for a new action thriller, Dead Man Down, starring Colin Farrell, Noomi Rapace and Terrence Howard, the company staged a mock murder-in-progress in a New York City elevator and films the reactions of unsuspecting people trying to board.

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Though you have the odd person attempting to beat the attacker with a newspaper, some bystanders clearly pretend they didn’t even see the attempted homicide and walk way. One man is shown to be recording the footage, although it’s not clear whether his reaction — or really, any of the reactions — is staged.

That’s not to say everyone is all bad. Some people clearly threaten to call 911 and one brave woman even tries to drag the ‘victim’ away from the strangler.

According to Thinkmodo, all the bystanders were immediately informed by the ad agency that the strangling was a hoax. But it does beg the question: whose behavior is more shocking, the ad agency’s, or the bystanders’?

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