WATCH: Surfing Piglet Rides Waves in New Zealand

You'll squeal.

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A three-month-old piglet is learning to surf in New Zealand.

Zorro, a mix between wild boar, kunekuke and domestic pig, has been surfing in the Bay of Plenty since he was three weeks old.

His hooves make it tricky for Zorro to stay on the board for very long. But his owner, Matthew Bell, describes him as a “phenomenal swimmer”, writes 3 News.

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Occasionally Zorro becomes overwhelmed. “He gets a bit scared when it gets double overhead, and double overhead isn’t that big for a pig,” says Bell.

But for the time being Zorro will continue to hone his skills. “We’ll keep surfing until he gets to a size where he’s unmanageable and, yeah, see what happens after that,” Bell says.

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