VIDEO: Surfer Captures Baby Seals Playing on Windsurf Board

Breaking news: baby seals are pretty cute.

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So it’s not exactly news, but one thing’s for sure: it’s hard to resist baby seals. Especially when they’re jumping on top of surfboards, begging for your attention.

To make this video, which has seen more than 300,000 views on YouTube, user HydRemote had the ingenious idea of setting up a remote-controlled camera on an old windsurfing board in Puget Sound, Wash., and letting a group of newly weaned seals swim right on up. The video went online on March 8 and got posted on Reddit on Monday.

As to how HydRemote did it, it wasn’t that hard. He explains on the YouTube page:

I mounted a remote GoPro camera and these posers seemed to know exactly where to perform! It had rained that morning and the slip n’ slide ensued. These condensed clips occured over a period of about 30 minutes.