From Led Zeppelin Kid to David After Dentist: 6 Hilarious Videos of Children in Cars

Maybe it's the monotony, maybe its the ill-fitting car seats, maybe it's just the only time we can get them to sit still. But young children in cars do some amazing things.

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There’s 3 words you could use to describe the works of visual artist Ashkan Honarvar, “controversial, macabre & confronting”. One of his collections serves to highlight these more than most and it’s that series which we’re featuring today. He’s adopted a series of uniquely horrific injuries, replacing the open wounds of blood & gore, with candy, sweets, ice cream and jellybeans. In doing so, he creates a rather curious effect, you’re not sure whether to be shocked, laugh or confounded – in truth it’s probably a combination of all three. As for Askhan, he doesn’t give much away, wanting you to interpret his work for yourself. But one thing is for certain, he has a wealth of imaginative & intriguing works dating back 6 years on his official site, so do make sure you check them out. Some are truly quite unsettling.