Reading While Eating for March 20: Happy First Day of Spring!

And a very happy spring break season to you, too.

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MTV's Spring Break - just as crazy as it was in 1997!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Spring is here, but more importantly, ’tis the season for spring break. In the much-buzzed about indie film Spring Breakers, Disney star Selena Gomez  shows the world what 20 year olds not under the scrutiny of the paparazzi do on Florida beaches in March. (Reuters)

It Started With a Pool: The stereotypical spring break wasn’t always a thing. Turns out, it started when Fort Lauderdale built Florida’s first Olympic-sized pool in 1928. Swimmers (and their admirers) followed shortly thereafter. (mental_floss)

Spring Break, Jerusalem Edition: President Obama arrived in Israel Tuesday for his first visit as president. According to the reports, he’s making lots of progress in diplomatic relations: “‘Shalom,’ Mr. Obama said, after embracing President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.” Wait – was that hello or goodbye? (The New York Times)

Humbled But Ready To Rumble: Though the president won’t get as much done on this trip as he once thought, its symbolism is crucial for U.S.-Israel relations. (BuzzFeed)

Clearly, Israeli Limos Are Subpar: A replacement limousine is being flown in to Israel for President Obama from Jordan after a fueling mishap rendered one of the president’s limos useless. And they brought that one all the way from Washington! (The Guardian)

What Really Matters: At least Obama is getting something done: Making his pick for the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. (The Hill)

Too Close to Home: Does reality mimic art? Seems like it, when you compare politicians side-by-side with their pop culture doppelgängers (no, Obama’s Satanic twin didn’t make the cut). (Flavorwire)

Taking A Stand: A United Methodist church in North Carolina announced that it will not perform any marriages until gay marriage is recognized in the Tar Heel state. (The Daily What)

Thank You For Being A Friend: In the weirdest portrayal of Obama and Bibi’s relationship to date, the Embassy of Israel released a wacky video trailer for Obama’s visit this week, to the rousing theme song from The Golden Girls. Sadly, Betty White does not make a guest appearance. (YouTube via