Healthy Eating Guru Jamie Oliver Plans U.K. Hot Dog Joint

Can Jamie Oliver make hotdogs healthy?

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Brandon Hickman / ABC Getty Images

Jamie Oliver does not look enamored with hotdogs during his Food Revolution.

Jamie Oliver, the world’s richest chef and a champion of healthy eating, is to open a hot dog restaurant in central London, according to reports.

The 37-year-old is preparing to launch The Dog House & Diner on Shaftesbury Avenue in the heart of the city’s Theater district, claims The Independent. The eatery will apparently serve an “on-trend menu of hot dogs, burgers and ribs.”

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Oliver, who last year’s Sunday Times rich-list estimated had a net worth of $225 million, made the leap from celebrity chef to global stardom on the back of his quest to get healthy meals served in schools.

The campaign earned him a prestigious MBE award from the Queen and soon expanded from his native Britain to the United States with his Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

However, a spokesperson for Oliver insisted that a venture specializing in  traditionally unhealthy fare did not represent a change from his healthy eating principles.

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“Suffice it to say that the food will be some distance away from what most people would casually refer to as ‘fast food.’ The team are looking at higher welfare and sustainable ingredients as well as healthier options,” a representative told The Independent.

The Essex-born chef has already encountered controversy this month after the charity Consensus Action on Salt and Health, or Cash, criticized the sodium levels in his Jamie’s Italian chain of U.K. eateries.

Researchers found that his ‘game meatballs’ was the second saltiest dish out of a sample of 700 chain- and celebrity-restaurant meals. A 570g serving contains 8.1g of salt; the daily recommended allowance of salt is just 6g, reports the BBC.

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