Friday Flicks: Is ‘Spring Breakers’ Too Much or Too Funny?

TIME breaks down which films to see and which to avoid this weekend.

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Spring Breakers

Tagline: Wish you were here.

Brit (Ashley Benson), Candy (Vanessa Hudgens), Cotty (Rachel Korine) and Faith (Selena Gomez) simply cannot wait for spring break to come around so they can finally have some fun and leave behind their oh-so-boring collegiate lives. And as they’ve all been friends since grade school, chances are what happens on spring break will stay on spring break.

But they haven’t taken into account the impact that rapper “Alien” (James Franco) will have on their young lives, as he promises to provide them with all the excitement they can handle.

While it seems like a the perfect setup for an awful film — former Disney teen princesses gone bad — critical opinion seems to be mainly on the side of the spring breakers. “At once blunt and oblique, Spring Breakers looks different depending on how you hold it up to the light,” notes the New York Times. “The movie is an arty lark of ambiguous entertainment value, pulsing with melancholy,” says the Los Angeles Times. But New York magazine isn’t falling for it, asking in a headline “Is Spring Breakers One of the Perviest Movies Ever Made?” before commenting that it’s “swill,” and that “by the time the movie segues into a bloody shoot-’em-up, with girls in bikinis firing automatic weapons, it has lost its visceral kick.”

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For all the good comments written in  different websites and all the people who worked on the movie or friends of Harmony Korrine, quit putting your positive ratings.  I was at the opening last night in the Tampa Bay area where it was filmed.  There were a couple of people, mostly young in their twenties, two in their fifties.  The first couple of minutes in the movie all you see are boobs, butts and cellulite.  At first you hear the young guys in the audience giggle about the boobies.  But then you notice that the audience gets sick of seeing too many butts and boobs. Two hours showing the same clip over and over again.  There are a lot of homosexual scenes throughout the film.  Before the movie is halfway through one gets so tired of seeing boobs one almost begins to believe they are turning gay.  This movie does not look like a lot of money was spent on it.  All the filming sucks, the places all look cheap, the acting was the worst I've ever seen.  WIthin ten minutes into the film people were talking and laughing during the film - not with the film but at the film.  People were shouting, "Worst film ever!", saying out loud they want their money back, and then running to the exits when the movie is done - that is a sign of a really really bad movie.  All you hear during the entire movie is: "Spring break. Spring break. Spring break."  or Selena saying: "I don't want to be here.  I don't want to be here."  repeated over and over again.  And Ashley Benson doing the same eye-roll with her eyes she does in Pretty Little Liars - is that her entire acting skill?  I kind of expected "A" to pop out and be the reason for this movie falling apart.  Then there was Vanessa Hudgens with her stupid giggle.  James Franco just talked too much.  No one slowed this film down more than Franco.  Finally I was screaming at Franco:  "SHUT UP!"  The only actress in the entire film who looked a little believable was Rachel Korrine.  But honestly I still do not see her doing big budget movies.  SAVE YOUR MONEY!  DON'T DESTROY YOUR BRAIN CELLS!  Don't be a fool, ya'll.  OMG - I'm talking like them.....