Reading While Eating for March 22: Sloths Are Having a Moment

Today's must-read links for your lunch break feature everyone's favorite lazy animal –– after pandas, of course.

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Juan Carlos Ulate / Reuters

A rescued sloth eats at the Sloth Sanctuary in Cahuita de Limon August 25, 2010. The center shelters over 100 orphaned and injured sloths. The sloths receive rehabilitation before being returned to the forest, according to Judy Arroyo, a co-owner of the sanctuary.

Sloths’ Significance: The sloth of the moment is the animated version that appears in new film The Croods, a 3-D animated flick about the adventures of a prehistoric family. But this is hardly the first time sloths have popped up on our radar, so we went back to recall what other sloths have appeared in pop culture — think Ice Age and The Goonies — and scored an interview with Lucy Cooke, founder of the Sloth Appreciation Society and “the Steven Spielberg of sloth filmmaking.”  (

Space Sloth: BuzzFeed rounded-up the 25 best images of sloths on the Internet this week, including a space sloth and a sloth who belongs to the Slytherin House — “Slotherin.” (BuzzFeed)

Snuggly Sloth: This sloth in the Netherlands refused to play with any of its new toys, until a zookeeper’s two-year-old daughter gave it a teddy bear. (mental_floss)

Scrubbing Sloths: These creatures love bath time, as you can tell from this video. (The Daily What)

Sloth Sweetheart: Photos of self-proclaimed sloth fan and actress Kristen Bell — who is also a mother-to-be — as she struts the red carpet at the Golden Globes in January. (Go Fug Yourself)

Shimmying Sloths: Sloths enjoy swinging from trees, but they are said to be “clumsy” on land, so it’s highly unlikely that they’ll join the Orlando Magic Dancers anytime soon. But do watch the basketball team’s dance troupe bust out Bollywood moves in this video. (Divanee)

Sloth Sanctuary: Watch (and envy, naturally) the lives of the volunteers who get to hang out with sloths 24/7 at this sanctuary in Costa Rica. (VICE)