New Report Ranks Iceland as Friendliest Country to Tourists

Bolivia, Venezuela and Russia are the most-unfriendly nations toward vacationers

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A new report on global tourism from the World Economic Forum (WEF) has compiled a list of which countries welcome travelers and which are not so tourist-friendly. The Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report 2013 examines 140 countries based on attractiveness and competitiveness in the travel and tourism industry.

But included in the more than 500-page report are grades for the local attitude toward tourists, the Washington Post points out. Iceland, New Zealand and Morocco took the top three spots, respectively, while Bolivia, Venezuela and Russia were found to be the most-unfriendly nations toward vacationers. Iceland ranked 16th overall in Travel and Tourism Competitive Index, while New Zealand came in 12th.

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The U.S. scored 6th overall but achieved only a middle ranking of 104 out of 140 on the tourist-friendly list. Though China and South Korea have a high concentration of tourists, the two nations tied with four others as the least welcoming, CNN points out. With very little surprise, Switzerland topped the index for the fifth year in a row, receiving high marks for ground transport, hotel and tourist-related establishments as well as excellent staff.

The list ranked nations from 0 (very unwelcome) to 7 (very welcome), using factors including tourism infrastructure such as transportation and attractions, preservation and development of natural resources, business travel appeal and safety. The report is based on data from the WEF’s Executive Opinion Survey as well as from national and international organizations including ICAO, IATA, UNWTO, WHO, UNESCO and the World Bank/International Finance Corp. See the Washington Post’s map of the countries who are more inclined to welcome tourists or check out the list below.

1. Iceland (6.8)
2. New Zealand (6.8)
3. Morocco (6.7)
4. Macedonia, FYR (6.7)
5. Austria (6.7)
6. Senegal (6.7)
7. Portugal (6.6)
8. Bosnia and Herzegovina (6.6)
9. Ireland (6.6)
10. Burkina Faso (6.6)

Most Unfriendly:
1. Bolivia (4.1)
2. Venezuela (4.5)
3. Russian Federation (5.0)
4. Kuwait (5.2)
5. Latvia (5.2)
6. Iran (5.2)
7. Pakistan (5.3)
8. Slovak Republic (5.5)
9. Bulgaria (5.5)
10. Mongolia (5.5)

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Im in Iceland right now, have been travelling around the country for two months and I find the locals nice, but very timid and reluctant to intertwine with any foreigners. Wouldn't call it friendly. Just keep to themselves.


Morocco? Is this report serious? Ask any Caucasian foreign female who's visited Morocco and ask them about friendliness. The contempt and lack of respect the local men have for foreign women is disgusting. Women basically cannot visit a market without fear of being fondled, groped or propositioned - and this happens right in front of their husbands/boyfriends or friends.

If that qualifies as "friendly" then what is the rampant level of rapes in Morocco an indication of - "Love"?


finally we're more luxury tourism in the country and i dont think you can afford it so better stay home


and go tell that to the 13 millions tourists visiting the country everywhere i hate people inventing things  you know , what a pathetic looser ,


@bob202 rapes in morocco ?? maybe ur talking about 4 rapes per 100 000 inhabitants ??? cause according to the un office for drugs and crimes rapes in us are 56 per 100 000 and morocco 4 per 100 000 , dont want from where you brought that , what an ignorant