Man Fakes Attack To Impress His Date

Guys, here's a tip: don't stage a knife-wielding attack mid-date.

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Don’t call Jeffery Tyler Siegel a hero. While he did defend his date from a knife-wielding attacker, police in Jonesboro, Arkansas, claim that Siegel staged the phony attack in order to impress his date with his bravery, reports ABC affiliate KAIT.

The couple was “attacked” by a man wearing all black and carrying a large knife while they were out on a walk at a Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center. The man came out of the woods and reportedly told Siegel, “You can go, but your girlfriend stays.” The woman ran while Siegel stood his ground and fought the assailant incurring injuries in the fight. Eventually the attacker gave up and retreated to the woods — at least that’s what he told the police. The cops, including a K9 unit, spent two hours combing the woods for looking the attacker.

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After interviewing Siegel’s date, police became suspicious, and Siegel was called back to the police station where he eventually confessed to staging the whole thing and faking his injuries. According to police reports, Siegel told the officer he “really liked” the woman and “felt that if he did something like this it would help him with his chances with her.” He added that “it just really got out of hand very fast.” Siegel was not charged, and the case is considered closed.

As for his date, it turns out the stunt failed to impress her. She told KAIT that what Siegel had done “was not very heroic.”

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