WATCH: Sarah McLachlan Parody Ad Attempts to Console Downtrodden Philly Sports Fans

The parody urges viewers to support the City of Brotherly Love's dejected sports fans––to the tune of Sarah McLachlan's "Angel".

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Philadelphia sports fans could use some “brotherly love” these days.

The 76ers’ basketball season is practically over — some say it was doomed ever since the trade for Andrew Bynum. The Eagles, meanwhile, had their worst NFL finish since 1998. On the ice rink, the Flyers may be closer to being one of the worst teams in the Eastern Conference than they are to competing in the playoffs. And the Phillies are trying to recover from an utterly forgettable season and bat into the postseason. If the baseball team fails, it could mark the first time since 1991 that none of the four major professional sports teams representing ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ are in the playoffs. It’s quite fair to say it’s a tough year for Philly sports fanatics.

Now The Cheesesteak, a satirical Philadelphia news website, has only rubbed salt in the wound with a sports-themed spoof of Sarah McLachlan’s popular ad for the ASPCA’s anti-animal cruelty campaign (see the original tearjerker below). As McLachlan’s song “Angel” plays in the background, a representative from a fake charity called the “Philadelphia Sports Fan Relief Association” informs viewers that for only 60 cents a day, they can “help refund the thousands lost by season ticket-holders” and receive a picture of a nearby fan — or Phanatic.

Philly sports fans, we know this faux PSA won’t cheer you up, but remember: there’s always next year.

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