Hey Girl…There’s a Ryan Gosling Hotline For You

The British-based helpline is consoling fans who distraught over the news about the singer's acting break.

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Michael Buckner / Getty Images
Michael Buckner / Getty Images

If you have been sobbing uncontrollably since Ryan Gosling announced that he is taking a break from acting, then the “Gosline” may be right for you.

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British streaming service Blinkbox has set up a helpline called #TheGosline, promising to console distraught fans for a “standard fee”, The Telegraph reports. The Huffington Post added that the call contains famous lines from the actor’s movies, such as the tearful monologue from The Notebook: “it’s going to be really hard; we’re gonna have to work at this every day, but I wanna do that because I want you. I want you. I want all of you, forever, every day. You and me, every day.”

Blinkbox is advertising its helpline on Twitter and claims to be getting a great response from Gosling fans.

The hot line is not the first of its kind. The Daily Mail points out that the British-based “Twi-line” took care of Twilight fans who were heartbroken when the Twilight series ended.

On a brighter note, Gosling devotees can stay in denial a little bit longer by going to seeing the actor in Place Beyond The Pines, out in theaters today.

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I wanted to dislike Ryan Gosling for a long time, simply due to the fact that girls swoon over him. Yet his artistic ability is hard to deny, especially after this amazing performance in The Place Beyond the Pines. He's a lot more than just a pretty face, the guy can act that's for sure. I know the year is young, but as of right now he has to be the frontrunner for a Best Actor win in my book, he certainly deserves a nomination.

It's been a steep climb from my personal doghouse of being mislabeled a pretty boy, to one of my top 5 actors in Hollywood today. Read all about Mr. Gosling's climb up my revered list on my blog at.... http://www.gosellcrazy.com/2013/04/ryan-gosling-pretty-face/