There’s Going to Be a ‘Fargo’ TV Series on FX

Remember 'Fargo', on the big screen? Well, it’s coming to the small screen.

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Remember Fargo, on the big screen? Well, it’s coming to the small screen.

FX announced this week that the 1996 Oscar-nominated film starring Steve Buscemi and Frances McDormand will be turned into a limited-run television show starring on the network sometime early next spring.

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The Coen brothers, who directed the original feature film, will also be on board for the 10-episode run of the show. Bones’ Noah Hawley will be writing the series. The film, which is set in North Dakota, revolves around a car salesman who hires two idiots to kidnap his wife in an extortion plot.

While the former actors won’t be reprising their role, the new rendition of the movie will focus on new characters in similar situations, done to the same tune and style as the original.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the release of the show comes as , “a push [for the network” into limited series and mini-series fare, a bid to compete with premiere channel HBO and to fill a void left by the increasingly tentpole-focused film industry.”

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The original film earned McDormand an Oscar nomination for Best Actress while the Coen brothers also received an Oscar nod for Best Original Screenplay.