WATCH: Drunk Man Dangles From Electricity Cables in China

Don't watch if you're afraid of heights.

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A drunk man was found dangling from high-voltage overhead electricity wires 30 feet above the streets of Linfen, China.

The episode was filmed by onlookers and later broadcast on Chinese state TV.

Authorities had to cut the power to the cables to prevent the man—who was later found to have an excessively high level of alcohol in his blood—from being electrocuted, according to the Daily Telegraph.

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The man clung to the wires while a firefighter tried to talk him down. At one point he fell from one set of cables to another, where he remained for around 15 minutes. Eventually he lost his grip and plummeted, landing onto a giant inflatable pillow placed there by firefighters. He was uninjured and told reporters he drank too much because he was in a bad mood.

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