Friday Flicks: Will You Be Put in a ‘Trance’?

TIME breaks down which films to see and which to avoid this weekend.

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The Company You Keep

The Company You Keep, directed by and starring the venerable Robert Redford, had its world premiere at last year’s Venice Festival, but is only getting a domestic release now.

Based on Neil Gordon’s novel, Redford plays Jim Grant, a Weather Underground fugitive on the lam after being outed by a young journalist. Redford has brought out one heck of a cast, including Shia LaBeouf, Julie Christie, Susan Sarandon, Terrence Howard, Anna Kendrick, Chris Cooper, Sam Elliott, Nick Nolte, Stanley Tucci and Richard Jenkins.

The reviews are neither brimming with life nor toying with death. “The Company You Keep feels like a movie you’d have seen in 1975 — one informed by political righteousness and made for adults,” reckons Time Out New York. TIME’s Mary Corliss liked it at Venice, calling the film “a pulsating drama of a man who goes on an intricate, often interior journey to outrun his past.” But the Village Voice is less impressed, pointing out that, “given the finger-wagging suggestion of its title, it’s actually no surprise to find that The Company You Keep turns out to be politically chicken-hearted.”

VIDEO: 10 Questions for Robert Redford

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