School of Rock is Headed to Broadway, Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber

Take notes, because the School of Rock is back in session.

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Lee Celano / Getty Images

Jack Black during the 'School of Rock ' Premiere at Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, Calif. on Sept. 24, 2003.

Dewey Finn – rock singer, guitarist and occasional substitute teacher –may soon have a stage to rock out on: School of Rock is heading for Broadway.

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Musical theater composer and impresario Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, who wrote the music for such hits as Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats and Phantom of the Opera, is planning to adapt the 2003 comedy film, starring Jack Black as Finn, for the theater, the Guardian reported.

In an interview with CBC Radio, Lloyd Webber let slip that he was “very excited” about acquiring the rights to “that movie School of Rock.”  The British composer explained that he might expand on the music portion of the film when he brings it to the stage: “There may be songs for me in it, but its obviously got songs in it as it stands.”

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Lloyd Webber will go from Stephen Ward, a chamber musical about British politics in 1963 to “a musical about kids playing the guitar,” the Guardian noted.

But the real question: Will Jack Black be reprising his role for Broadway?

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My daughter goes to School of Rock. I told her the news this morning. She said, "Why do they have to go and ruin everything with a musical?" After further probing, she said, "It will give School of Rock unwanted attention, we already get plenty of attention." I have to agree. While it's cool for School of Rock, I think it sucks that ALW is coming in to capitalize on what hardworking parents and the students have done to keep the doors open. It's exploitation at it's finest. There's already plenty of mutual exploitation going on... but this creates a major imbalance. Our house band children perform for free at charitable events in cities nationwide which gets plenty of community attention which helps SOR keep the doors open, in turn, it provides a safe place for our children to establish friendships and perform with each other. But this is not a world, where 'everyone gets a sticker', we pay for our children to attend School of Rock, they don't pay us. We enjoy a certain level of exclusivity at School of Rock and quite frankly, we like it that way. The branding of Andrew Lloyd Weber is going to ruin this. It knocks the whole dynamic out of balance. We pay to make School of Rock what it is, not Andrew Lloyd Weber. I really don't care how cool Andrew Lloyd Weber is, he's leveraging his name to capitalize on our sweat to make millions on merchandising a broadway musical which ruins it for us. In the end it makes me absolutely furious. I spend my time, money and effort for my child to enjoy School of Rock, but for ALW to capitalize on it?  No. As a SOR parent, I'm saying thumbs down on having anything to do with ALW up in the School of Rock biz.


This is the greatest thing I have ever read