Boston Marathon Bombing: Raw Videos from the Finish Line

A collection of the videos broadcast from the scene in the first few hours after the incident.

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At the Boston Marathon on Monday afternoon, journalists and cameramen waiting at the finish line expecting to capture the jubilance of the runners soon found themselves covering a tragedy instead. Videos of the twin explosions that rocked the spectator area near Copley Square, quickly went viral online. In the clip above, cameras covering the finish line for Boston-area news stations caught a glimpse of the fiery blast that sent thousands fleeing.

Here’s a collection of the videos broadcast from the scene in the first few hours after the incident:

First responders rushed to the scene to aid the dozens of injured bystanders; in total more than 170 people were hurt in the two explosions.

The scene only became more chaotic as a second explosion rocked Boylston Street about 10 seconds later.

News reports quickly trickled out from the scene as witnesses described what they’d seen to local news crews.

Boston Police quickly set up a press conference at a nearby hotel, where police commissioner Ed Davis initially confirmed that there were two explosions and multiple casualties.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick used the same press conference to tell families to go home and stay home.

The day after the Boston Marathon explosion, the investigation continues.

Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Texas representative Michael McCaul, explains the surprise of the Boston Marathon attack and methods for catching the culprits.