WATCH: Quick-Thinking Cop Saves Man From Speeding Train

The officer’s heroic actions were caught on a security camera at a station in Medellin, Colombia.

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A sharp-witted police officer in the Colombian city of Medellin saved a man from certain death by pulling him from the path of an oncoming train.

The officer’s heroic actions were caught by a security camera at Medellin’s Hospital railway station on April 15. In the video, the unidentified man is seen wandering towards the edge of the railway platform before suddenly trying to leap into the path of a train as it pulls into the station – apparently in an attempt to end his own life.

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That’s when the cop—named in unconfirmed reports as Gustavo Charrapo—grabs the man by his shirt and yanks him backwards to safety as the train hurtles past mere inches away.

Charrapo has responded to the praise his actions have earned him, reports Sky News. Commenting on a Youtube post of the video, Charrapo wrote: “Thanks to everyone I want to give recognition but it is my job to protect and serve the community! And will continue to do!”

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