More Boston Bombing Arrests: What We Know About the Three New Suspects

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Boston marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, right, poses with Azamat Tazhayakov, left, and Dias Kadyrbayev

4:40 p.m.: Lawyers for two of the newest suspects maintained that their clients did not know about the Boston bombing plans in a televised statement outside the courtroom Wednesday. Robert Stahl, who is representing Dias Kadyrbayev, said that his client is “very sorry for what happened here in Boston and he had nothing to do with it.” Kadyrbayev is accused of obstruction of justice after throwing away evidence from suspected bomber Tsarnaev’s dorm room. But Kadyrbayev’s lawyer says his client “did not know those items were involved in the bombing.” Similarly, lawyer Harlan J. Protass said his client, Azamat Tazhayakov, felt “horrible” and was “shocked” to learn that someone he knew is suspected of carrying out the bombings. “He looks forward to the truth coming out,” Protass added, “and he considers it an honor to study in the United States.”

4:25 p.m.: The University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth released a statement confirming that Dias Kadyrbayez and Robel Phillipos are not currently enrolled, while Azamat Tazhayakov is enrolled, but has been suspended, pending the outcome of the case.

4:10 p.m.: Two of the suspects appeared in a Boston courtroom Wednesday afternoon and waived bail. Azamat Tazhayakov and and Dias Kadyrbayev walked into the court with their heads down, saying nothing. The two students at UMass-Dartmouth are charged with obstructing justice in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Their next hearing will be May 14. A third suspect, Robel Phillipos, is charged with making false statements but did not appear in court today.

The Boston Police Department says that three more suspects have been taken into custody with regard to the Apr. 15 bombings near the Boston Marathon finish line that killed three people and injured more than 260.

NBC News and the Boston Globe are reporting that the suspects went to college with alleged 19-year-old Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who authorities say carried out the bombing with his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev.

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Tamerlan, 26, was killed in a shootout with police just three days after the two allegedly detonated pressure cooker bombs at the marathon. The younger Tsarnaev managed to escape and was later caught by police after a day-long manhunt that stretched from the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge to the Boston suburb of Watertown where the two brothers lived in a third-floor apartment.

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has been charged with using weapons of mass destruction amid a probe that has led investigators to question anyone who may have known the brothers and their motives. The search led them to the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, just 60 miles south of Boston, where Dzhokhar was formerly enrolled. On Wednesday morning, authorities arrested three students from the university in connection with the bombings.

Boston Attorney Linda Cristello told the Associated Press that two out of the three are her clients Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev, college students from Kazakhstan who made a video appearance in immigration court Wednesday. They have been held in county jail for over a week due to “allegations that they violated their student visas while attending the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth.” The criminal complaint identifies the third suspect as Robel Phillipos, 19, from Cambridge, Mass., the New York Times reports.

The suspects may have helped remove belongings from the Chechen student’s dorm room after the tragedy, sources tell NBC:

Two of the pals were detained April 20 on immigration charges and a third has now been taken into custody, sources said. They are expected to face obstruction of justice charges, the sources said.

There was no indication the three University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth students had any prior knowledge of the bombing.

In addition to obstruction of justice, the students are expected to be charged with making false statements.

A backpack may have also been tossed out at “Tsarnaev’s request,” according to Reuters. CNN is reporting that the backpack may have contained fireworks and that the trash bin was then taken to a landfill in New Bedford, prompting a two-day search at the end of last week. Law enforcement officials also told CNN that investigators were looking for Tsarnaev’s laptop computer.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney did not reveal any new information about the three arrests at a briefing today, noting that the case is an “ongoing investigation and part of the responsibility of investigators is to explore all possible connections.”

The Boston Police Department stressed that there is “no threat to public safety” as a preface to the statement announcing the arrests.

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To swhiteallman: These kids do not have normal life anyway.  They supposed to come here in US to study but turned out visas are expired, dropped or not enrolled in school, have their car licenced with the word "terrorista"... Normally, kids will take and own their buddy's properties and assets if these are valuable like laptop and electronics, they would not be stupid to throw them away.


Good way to thanks a country who provide help to study and get a quiet life !  Worth to help such guy ?


Charging 3 college kids for something they knew nothing about is a crime themselves.  No one knew about the brothers plans except the brothers.  And inadvertently help your buddy by throwing out trash for him cause he is busy for example - all of a sudden your committed a crime without any knowledge...The government always overreaches in the search for "justice" and in the aftermath destroys peoples lives.  These kids will never have a normal life again. The stigma of "American Justice System" is real and our liberties are a falsehood.  The media should also be blamed for perpetuating this culture. Guilty until proven innocent!

How about the guy charge with the Ricin letters.  The government pinned it on him...then realized they got the wrong guy and now is looking at someone else....How do you get back your good name and reputation after it is destroyed by overzealous government trying to provent every single terrorist attack? It is impossible... Ask Tim Mcvey, the Unibomber etc...


Innocent until proven guilty... but gotta' say, since they got arrested... not looking good for them.



After the arrest, a subset of journalists began a search for the underlying causes that may have caused the brothers to committ such an act. They offered hidden causes that ranged from the psychiatric centering on alienated youth, to the sociological.

But what facts did we know early on:
1. The brothers had become very religious.
2. Their computer screens contained Jihadist websites.
3. They were tossed out of a certain mosque twice for shouting down the imam with militant rhetoric.
4. They were young males.

Though they fitting Jihadist template perfectly, the insistance on underlying causes continued. We were treated to a classic case of journalistic malfeasance, as this subset of supposedly objective pundits viewed the eposide through their multicultuist world views, rather than honestly assessing the available evidence.

In J.D. Salinger's cassic coming of age novel, The Catcher In the Rye, the protaganist is a 17 year old boy who feels alienated from society and decides to isolate himself from that society. He wears his isolation as a badge of honor - that he is somehow better than everyone else.

I'm sorry. These brothers were not the Jihadists in the rye. They were cold-blooded terrorists who believed they were promoting the Jihad through their deed. Nothing more, nothing less: Period.


I've gotten the impression that the most important thing about the April 15 bombing at the Boston Marathon, to Time, is that it not be identified as an Islamic artifact.  How else could I have read three article/columns in a row on the brothers' motivation that did not even mention "Muslim" or "Islam" even once.

Maybe if the next bombing takes out their offices they'll change their tune.


@swhitetallman What you say here makes little sense. When did he ask his buddy to "throw out his trash?" Why didn't he go home and throw out his won trash?  This must be because his image was already released to the media and he was in hiding. So his buddy knew he was getting rid of evidence from a friend who was a suspect in crime. Otherwise you tell you friend to come home and dump his own trash.