WATCH: North Texas Tornadoes Were ‘Like Hell’

In addition to the six people killed, most of the 110 homes in the Rancho Brazos neighborhood of Granbury, Tex., were destroyed.

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As many as 10 tornadoes tore through North Texas overnight, leaving six dead, seven missing, and dozens injured and homeless.

The lakefront town of Granbury bore the brunt of the spring storm, as trailers landed on cars and fist-sized hail stones showered the area, the Associated Press and CBS Dallas-Fort Worth report. This CNN Newsource video provides a glimpse of the harrowing storm, which tore roofs off houses and actually destroyed most of the 110 homes in the Rancho Brazos neighborhood – a Habitat for Humanity site.

“It was like hell,” one resident told NBC’s KXAS.

This morning, authorities are still trying to track down some of the missing people. “Two of these people that they found were not even near their homes. So we’re going to have to search the area out there,” Hood County Sheriff Roger Deeds said in a press conference.


Why do people who live in an area where tornadoes are common built their houses out of wood?