How To Make Your Own Graduation Cap Flask

A DIY project to help you celebrate the big day without getting parched.

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Dominique Zamora /

If you’re looking for a “memorable” way to celebrate commencement, seeking liquid courage to finally ask your crush out before it’s too late, or simply trying to survive your hours-long graduation ceremony without falling asleep, you might consider this handy graduation cap flask, created by a fellow soon-t0-be college grad, Dominique Zamora.

The FoodBeast staff writer’s step-by-step pictorial uses just a few household items, including pliers, some velcro, a bladder to hold the liquid (she used The Wine Rack Bra), and a bit of craft string. You start with the cap: “Just pop off the top button with a pair of pliers, Velcro in the bladder,” she writes, “then secure the whole mess with bobby pins and drink up.” No secret pockets, burdensome clutches, or tight straps. Your beverage of choice flows straight from your cap right into your mouth. Genius.

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                                                                                                       Dominique Zamora /