Meet the Baby Foxes in Facebook’s Zen Garden

A fantastic Mrs. Fox and her kits have become celebrities on Facebook's Menlo Park, Calif., campus.

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It seems Facebook has found a mascot for its new Menlo Park, Calif., campus. Employees are so smitten with a family of foxes who took up residency in a Zen garden on company grounds last year that the company’s marketing team created a Facebook page and Instagram account dedicated to them.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, a female fox, which some at the company cleverly refer to as Firefox, moved on campus last year and delivered three babies. The family has since been spotted dashing across walkways, on basketball courts and in a garden. The furry friends got so popular that Facebook’s marketing team created a fan page, FB Fox, which created an online buzz and has chalked up 12,249 Likes since April. CEO Mark Zuckerberg may be the one to thank, the Journal points out. The Facebook creator liked the page on Day 1, and within 12 hours, the page had racked up 3,000 fans.

The fan page has since been transformed into a place for fans (mostly Facebook employees) to post pictures and videos of the campus celebrities. Check out a few sightings of Facebook’s adorable new mascots below.

FB Fox1

Joel Seligstein

FB Fox2

Renee Glenn

Fox 3

Richard Zadorozny

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