WATCH: Backstreet Boys Cuddle and Serenade Baby Pandas in China

And our excitement is, naturally, larger than life

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Today’s recipe for perfection: take five adorable baby pandas and five hunky members of your favorite ’90s boy band. Then record them all hanging out and put it on the Internet for the world to see.

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Taking a quick break from their performances in China, the Backstreet Boys visited the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding to make some new friends. Each BSB member held a baby panda on his lap, feeding the little creatures some bamboo and even serenading them with a few bars of their 1997 hit “All I Have to Give.”

What the pandas lacked in name creativity — Oreo? Really? — they made up for with extreme cuteness. And Brian, Nick, A.J., Kevin and Howie were lucky to spend some time with them during what’s essentially the one hour of the day the bears are not sleeping. But it’s O.K., because the Backstreet Boys are sleepy creatures too. We’re pretty sure they’re still tired from recording the “Larger Than Life” video.

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Backstreet Middle Aged Men is more like it.


@mconroy7654 These five guys are ages 33 through 41, and only the oldest guy (the one in the middle) may marginally be called middle-aged. I'm 49, and I do consider myself middle aged, but certainly still young enough to enjoy life, which is what it looks like these five men are doing. Nothing wrong with liking doing music and touring, and actually still getting along with the same five people for twenty years doing it! Kudos to the Boys for still doing what they love the most. Many people at their age are quite sick of their careers!