‘Cronut’ Craze Creates Black Market for Tasty New Treat

The delectable doughnut-croissant pastry is the newest food fad in the Big Apple.

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Dominique Ansel Bakery

The original Cronut, which has inspired knockoffs nationwide, including the Cronut Burger in Toronto that sickened more than 200.

Forget the sweet fads of yesteryear. On the isle of Manhattan, the latest craze is for the cronut, a croissant-doughnut hybrid available at a single bakery in Soho. Although the irresistible, cream-filled pastries from Dominique Ansel bakery have only been on sale since May 10, they’ve gained such a loyal following that the $5 delights, which are deep-fried in grapeseed oil, sell for as much as $40 each when purchased through special scalping services, according to Ryan Sutton, a food critic for Bloomberg News.

The glazed goodies have become so coveted in their brief, three-week existence that the bakery has implemented a strict, six-cronut limit, according to Grub Street, and sells out of its daily stock of 200 within minutes of opening at eight each morning. Die-hard fans line up as early as two hours beforehand to ensure they get their fix.

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Even celebrities don’t get any special privileges. As Grub Street noted, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper tried to get an order for his birthday, but was denied because of high demand from the public. Hugh Jackman, on the other hand, knew the protocol and reportedly waited in line for his cronuts.

So what’s a cronut addict to do when she can’t wait for hours each morning to get one? Enter the “cronut black market,” which not only charges a whopping 700% premium for the pastries, but only delivers five out of each half-dozen ordered because the delivery person keeps the sixth as a surcharge. (Here’s a listing for one such delivery service on Craigslist.)

If that price is too steep, it may be best to wait until the bakery staffs up to boost its cronut output. Just try not to think of the lovely rose-vanilla glazed ones you already missed out on in May. Or the new lemon-maple variety that debuted on Saturday and will be available for the entire month of June.

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My wife say she bring me Cronut, but I open bag and bag empty.

Ha! Is no Cronut in Latvia. Is only malnourish, and cold. Such is life.


To the author - This craze has created a secondary market for the cronut, not a black market.  It would only be a black market if the product were illegal.


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

I think it is a cross between a Croissant, a Doughnut, a Bismarck and a Napoleon.

Nota Bene: a custard filling is included in the recipe.

That is why I think that it has elements of a Bismark.

Or a Napoleon.

Or an Eclair.

The final pastry layers are not folded or curled but flat and parallel.

I would rename this creature: "Eclaireon" or "Napolenut."

I think I would suggest there be no custard filling.

Less emphasis on the goop and more emphasis on the light pastry.

It's the light pastry which is so tasty.

Have a Dovely.

Sincerely yours,
Caleb Boone.

P.S.: I am inspired to write a parody of "Master of the House" from the musical "Les Miserables." Here you go.


A Galloping Gourmet

By Caleb Boone

Master of the Dough, carefully and slow,
Rolling out the layers for a great big show,
Piping on the glaze, what a pastry craze,
Cueing 'round the corner waiting weeks and days,
Standing, 'biding, craving, wanting,
A bite of doughnut made with custard in,
Hugh Jackman bought a boxful,
Next serve Cary Grant and Errol Flynn!

Master of the treat, breakfast coup complete,
News of the sensation travels down the street,
Under sun and moon, bake until you swoon,
Spreading icing with a silver knife or spoon,
Everybody loves a doughnut,
With a glass of milk or wine,
Napoleon, make way for yet another
Pastry piece divine!

Master of the bread, keeping Coppers fed,
Compliments and accolades not left unsaid,
Delivery on a bike, with megaphone and mic,
Announcing a new goodie which the world will like!
Parliament will pass a measure,
Her Majesty will call it "Sir,"
Oxford Dons will sew it a black robe and honoraria confer!

Sweets beyond compare, pastry filled with air,
Not Bismarck or Napoleon or Choc Eclair,
Not a layer cake, please make no mistake,
We have a new invention which but few can bake,
Gourmet friends are more than welcome
To prepare this dish with joy and pride,
But if your efforts fail then,
To your breakfast bakery run and hide!

Won't it taste so nice? Better than two mice,
Have a serving once and then let's make it twice,
Coffee, tea and cream, a pastry-lover's dream,
Delights fit for a Raja or a Royal Queen,
When it comes to satisfaction,
This 'nut will take you all the way,
Dash around the corner,
Get one fresh and shout a loud "Ole'!"

Master of the Sweet, delivery so fleet,
Baking quickly now to please each one he greets!
Serving rich and poor, patrons small and great,
Cronuts piled high and fresh upon their plates,
America's Great Chef companion,
Gives 'em everything he's got,
Slaving night and day he keeps his oven always piping hot!

Master of the Treat!
Customers to greet!
Filling up the ovens, turning on the heat!
Servant to the poor, butler to the great,
Each tremendous dish he cooks is just first rate!
Won't you have some glorious pastry,
Whilst I sing a sprightly tune?
Everybody clap your hands,
Everybody praise the praise the pastry that is not a macaroon!

Have a Dovely.

Sincerely yours,
Caleb Boone.


They make croissant donuts in Montreal for over 20 years in a place called Cantor Bakery. They come both in a regular ring shape and croissant shape. You can get them made on the spot.


Sounds yummy and all, but what are all the bakeries going to do when 2/3 of the country ends up diabetic? 


Dear Cardiologist,

I need to schedule my quintuple bypass.  This new cross between a doughnut and a croissant has now completely clogged my arteries.


Your new cardiac patient.

Seriously people.....with the saturated fat of the croissant combined with a deep fried doughnut, no wonder we are one of the fattest nations on the planet.  What will they think of next so that you too can be confined to your bed because you're soo fat you can't get up and a giant hole needs to be cut from your house so they can send you for your very own gastic bypass surgery.

Things like this shoud be in moderation as an occasional treat.  The problem being as that fast food is no longer an occasional treat.  It's now an everyday occurrance.

Makes me glad I'm a Celiac and can't eat this stuff. 


All it seems to be is a doughnut made out of a croissant.  Why don't people just experiment with croissants until they are making their own that has the same quality as this place?   It's not hard to get grape-seed oil to fry them in.


As of today, the limit per person was 2 cronuts.