8 Celebrity Inventions That Are Actually Smart

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Paula Abdul's microphone base is not concave-shaped; it is convex. The inside of a bowl has a concave shape. The outside of a ball has a convex shape. An easy mnemonic is "cave". A cave is a hole. You can put your hand into a concave shape.


Actually, her work became the basis for all cell phone networks in use today, NOT WIFI.  It also became very important for military communication.


What can I say? Hedy Lamarr was the bomb!

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Michael Jackson did initially patent but did NOT invent anti-gravity shoes.  This idea was used in the Fred Astaire/Betty Hutton 1950 Paramount movie, "Let's Dance."  At the opening of the movie, Betty's character belts out the song, 'Can't Stop Talking,' for a USO show in London, 1944.  Miss Hutton is seen in anti-gravity pumps right before the tears loose dancing with Fred Astaire. You can see the dance clip on You Tube at:


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Hedy Lamarr was DECADES AHEAD OF HER TIME with her invention of frequency hopping which was finally used by the military beginning in the 1970's..