Summer Lovin’: San Francisco is the Most ‘Romantic’ City

One of the more unique dating sites, MissTravel, has released a list of the 20 most romantic cities in North America.

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Couple Relaxing On Hill By Golden Gate Bridge

One of the more unique dating sites, MissTravel, has released a list of the 20 most romantic cities in North America.

In a heated coastal battle, San Francisco bested New York for the no. 1 spot. Perhaps it is the thought of Tony Bennett crooning “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” or a nostalgic nod to the cinematic romance of the Empire State building that has amorous travelers flush with plans to visit the top two cities.

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MissTravel is a destination dating site that pairs “attractive travelers” (aka beautiful people) with “generous travelers” (sugar daddies) to meet up for a first date. Attractive travelers accept the dates, which are paid for by their generous suitors. Lest that all sound too unseemly, the site is quick to point out that the daters often stay in separate accommodations.

MissTravel ranked cities by looking at where the most popular “confirmed”, or preplanned rendezvous of the 24,340 trips planned between June 1 and August 31 of this year. Why those dates? Because they noticed a surge in travel plans a few weeks ago, the site’s publicist tells TIME.

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But perhaps “romantic” is not the best description. The members haven’t actually taken the trips yet, they’ve simply agreed to go. And while the concept is admittedly adventurous, it could easily double as an escort service, which doesn’t sound romantic at all.

That said, here are the site’s Top 20 most “romantic” destinations planned by its members through the end of August:

1. San Francisco, Calif.
2. New York, N.Y.
3. Miami, Fla.
4. Las Vegas, Nev.
5. Toronto, Ont.
6. Los Angeles, Calif.
7. Orlando, Fla.
8. Dallas, Texas
9. Honolulu, Hawaii
10. Nashville, Tenn.
11. Montreal, Quebec
12. Austin, Tex
13. San Diego, Calif.
14. Seattle, Wash.
15. Chicago, Ill.
16. Philadelphia, Penn.
17. Washington D.C.
18. Santa Barbara, Calif.
19. Vancouver, B.C.
20. Salt Lake City, Utah


The copyeditors are clearly still asleep. I can see at least THREE grammatical or spelling errors in the second paragraph alone. This sort of thing makes, say, the HuffPost look like a model of professionalism.


Where are the copyeditors? "I Left my Heart..." is a Tony Bennett song, not Sinatra.


haha, nice to see SLC made the list