A Cat Is Running for Mayor of Mexican City Xalapa

Tired of voting for rats? Vote for a cat!

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When you have a rat problem, you get a cat. Two residents of Xalapa, Mexico (the capital city of Veracruz state) hope that this works in politics as well as in kitchens. That’s why they have put forward their own candidate – a cat – to run for mayor in the beleaguered city that has been plagued with corrupt politicians, known colloquially as “rats.”

Morris, the feline candidate’s name, is running with the campaign slogan of “Xalapa Without Rats.” He has a Facebook page and Twitter account and  promises to “rid the city of rats,” a local euphemism for corrupt politicians, if he wins. Morris also promises to do what other politicians do, namely sleep and do nothing. “Candidates here almost never fulfill their promises,” said Jair Cuevas, one of the students who came up with the Morris campaign. “Our candidate promises to sleep, eat, yawn and play in the dirt and that is what he will do if he wins the election.” Morris is forthcoming about his weaknesses, though, having a soft spot for “quilts, sheets, pillows, couches, and clothing in general,” Metro reports.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, according to a CNN iReport, Morris now has more likes on his Facebook page than three out of the four main mayoral candidates in the running, including besting Americo Zuñiga, who is currently the human frontrunner, by over 20,000 “likes.” Morris is expected to overcome the fourth candidate soon.

Unfortunately, according to ABC News, Morris will not be allowed on the ballot in Xalapa. Due to this hurdle, come election day on July 7th, Morris’ campaign staff are asking voters to write-in his name on the ballot, or draw the face of a cat, in order to send a message to the city’s politicians.

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Just one correction "Morris is expected to overcome the fourth candidate soon" is wrong. When this article was written (June 12), Morris already had more "likes" than the four "official" candidates COMBINED. He currently stands at 117,787 but perhaps more significantly has 165,916 people "talking about him".  Even the State Governor (Javier Duarte), who's been on Facebook for FIVE years, only has 126,070 likes and a paltry 1,124 people talking about him. Morris has only been active for two weeks and his page was created on May 4 this year (and will probably overtake the Governor by next weekend).


acuatlly Morris has over  100,000 likes and keeps rising!


I heard that he will be allow to appear on the ballot.


@Antonio_tijuas Latest news from Xalapa  is that election officials are specifically instructing workers to mark all write-in votes for Morris as VOID instead of "unregistered candidate".

BobSheepleherder like.author.displayName 1 Like

At least it'll use a litter box, instead of the people, when it does it's business.



RickHunter like.author.displayName 1 Like

That's awesome... we should try that here!  It's not any different in DC as in that Mexican city.  All Congress does is "sleep, eat, yawn and play in the dirt" as well... oh, and rip off the honest, hardworking American Tax Payer.

VictorinoMaldonado like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

@RickHunter Apparently this happens all around the world. By the way, this article does not mention that the other candidates are actually feeling kind of uncomfortable with this since the "cat" is getting even more attention than them.
Cheers from México.