Spirit Airlines Gets Classy with Canned Wine

The fee-happy carrier is attempting to make flights a little more enjoyable with its latest offering, canned wine.

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Joe Raedle / Getty Images

Spirit planes sit on the tarmac at Fort Lauderdale Internatational Airport May 21, 2004 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Spirit Airlines may irritate its customers by overcharging for everything from printing a boarding pass to storing carry-on bags in the overhead bins, but the fee-happy carrier is attempting to make flights a little more enjoyable with its latest offering, canned wine.

Kicking off last week, Spirit Airlines added to its menu a sweet selection of wine in aluminum cans, priced at $7 per can, $12 for two cans and a $16 deal for three cans, the Associated Press reports. If you’re looking for a buzz, three cans might be the best bet since each can contains only 6% alcohol content.

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Flavors are limited to those with a sweeter taste profile including rose moscato, white moscato, strawberry moscato, peach moscato, original red sangria and original white sangria. The airline’s menu already offers mini bottles of wine, beer, liquor and snacks, but the latest addition was meant for convenience — for the airline, not you. According to the AP, the domestic airline is offering cans because they’re easier to store and weigh less.

But will customers take to canned wine? There’s quite a difference between popping a cork and popping an aluminum tab. Canned wine has been around for a decade but hasn’t had the same resurgence as canned beer has had in the last few years.

Spirit CEO Ben Baldanza told the AP that although he’s sure the new menu item will be met with some humor, he’s confident canned wine will take off. “People adapt,” he said. “Your choices at 30,000 feet are pretty limited.”

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