Reading While Eating for June 18: Leading Ladies

In today's best links for your lunch break, an assortment of female titans.

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Reuters / Cathal McNaughton

Demonstrators wear "Free Pussy Riot" balaclavas as they protest at the security fence surrounding the G8 Summit at Lough Erne in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland June 17, 2013.

Taylor Swift, Feminist. A Twitter account created by a Brown University sophomore takes creative license in re-imagining the teen idol as a vocal feminist, with posts like this: “I’m not a princess / This ain’t a fairytale / I’m writing my own story / With a strong female hero.” (

Underappreciated Feminist Icon? Everyone knows Elizabeth Taylor had a way with men (she was married eight times, including twice to Richard Burton), but she also had a knack for bringing home the bacon:  The violet-eyed thespian was the first actor ever to be paid $1 million — for her role in 1963’s Cleopatra. (BuzzFeed)

The Real Power Player. Perhaps New York’s most famous leading lady, the statue of Liberty has had innumerable film cameos. Highlights include her decapitation in Cloverfield and helpful role in Ghostbusters 2. (mental_floss)

On The Literary Frontier. Novelist Judy Blume has been breaking barriers ever since she busted onto the teen literary scene in the 1970s with works that examined teenage sexuality with an unprecedented frankness. Here’s some of the wisdom she’s dispensed along the way. (Flavorwire)

Miss Gaffe. Miss Utah Marissa Powell soared to the top trending topic on Twitter last night after delivering a decidedly garbled non-answer to a question about gendered income inequality. (The Daily What)