WATCH: Men Save Falling Toddler in China

The lucky girl survived a 5-story fall

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Apparently, this is the week of catching kids: On Wednesday, the daughter of former Yankees manager, the legendary Joe Torre, caught a 1-year old baby who fell from a store’s awning in New York City. On Thursday, across the Pacific, a security camera in an alleyway in China’s Zhejiang province of Ninghai captured heart-stopping footage of a 2-year-old girl’s accelerated fall. The toddler, Qiqi, was dangling her legs from a building window–reportedly five-stories high–when gravity mercilessly took over. Luckily, a group of mail carriers on the ground were alerted after hearing the toddler’s cries and held out their arms to break the fall, according to the BBC.

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The child–whose parents claimed they had left alone her while she napped–miraculously landed safely with only a minor scrape to the face. Two of the men who reached their arms out to help catch the little girl were reportedly injured–which isn’t a surprise after doing a back-of-the envelope calculation: Gleaning from the video, the toddler was in midair for approximately 2 seconds, which would have pummeled her into the men’s arms at almost 44 miles per hour.

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