10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About the Royal Baby

Hint: he or she already has a custom-made lullaby.

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Between the tabloid covers, TV segments, and general influx of media coverage (including on our own site!), you’ve probably read a lot about the Royal Baby, as Kate Middleton’s July 13 due date looms. Here are 10 fun facts you may have missed.

  1. The royal birth notice will be posted just inside on the gates of Buckingham palace. But, for the first time, the birth announcement will also be released via social media.
  2. Bookies have placed odds on the royal baby name: they like Alexandra.
  3. Bookies are also offering odds of 4-1 that the baby inherits the recessive red hair gene, à la Harry.
  4. The baby will be heir to the throne (third in line after Prince Charles and Prince William), regardless of whether it is a girl or a boy. In April of this year, the UK changed its rights of succession, ending centuries of male primogeniture.
  5. The last time a still-serving monarch was alive at the birth of his or her great-grandchild in direct succession was 120 years ago when Queen Victoria’s great-grandson, the future Edward VIII, was born. He abdicated the throne.
  6. Prince William plans to be in the delivery room when his wife gives birth.
  7. The Cambridges aim to move with their bouncing baby to a newly refurbished apartment in Kensington Palace in the fall. They haven’t announced where they will take the baby after leaving the hospital.
  8. Some economists expect the birth to prompt a $380 million boost to the U.K. economy.
  9. The composer Paule Mealor who wrote a piece of music for the royal wedding has now written a lullaby for the Cambridges’ baby called “Sleep On.”
  10. William will take two weeks of paternity leave. We do not yet know how much time Kate will take off from her royal duties.

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Her name is not Kate Middleton. I have no idea what it actually is, since no one ever seems to use it. But really, is it not incredibly rude to insist upon using a married woman's maiden name after the wedding?

LovedBookworm like.author.displayName 1 Like

@JjMontagueWhile it is considered rude to many people we are taught that once we have married we are one with our spouse and I know many women who married and decided to keep their maiden names. In normal circumstances then yes it would be rude but considering that it is Royalty it is a little different. That's because she's now a Royal, Royal's belong to the throne and their territory. We always referred to Prince William's mother as Princess Diana, but until she was given her Title she was Diana Spencer. It wasn't until AFTER the birth of William that she became Princess. When Prince Charles married Duchess Camilla she is still occasionally referred to as Camilla Parker Bowles which is her married name from her first marriage. Prince William has no last name because of the aforementioned Royal rule. His full name is William Arthur Phillip Louis, however the last name taken on by Royal spouses is  Mountbatten-Windsor. Also, Duchess Kate has said in the media that she has no problem with being referred to as Kate Middleton while it is no longer her legal name, the throne doesn't use that name only the spouses. 

I hope none of that came off as rude, I was just trying to help inform people.

AbrahamYeshuratnam like.author.displayName 1 Like

Another thing I don't know is whether the delivery will be normal or Caesarian.

duduong like.author.displayName 1 Like

Actually there are a lot more things that I don't know about the royals, and I have no intention of knowing them. I do know, however, that these are people without any particular skills, virtues or accomplishments. They live a life of luxury and glamour by birth and marriage, or more accurately by the mass' base urge of voyeurism. Count me out.


@duduong They spend most of their time devoted to charities and raising money for indigent.  Wounded warriors, homeless and disabled.

BooshWoggle like.author.displayName 1 Like

@duduongthey definitely do more charity work than you ever will. Harry is in the armed forces, and William flies rescue helicopters. It's prolly more than youll ever do.