Lost Fireworks? TSA Instagram Shows Stuff That Won’t Fly on Airplanes

Instagrams of confiscated belongings have begun to filter in

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TSA's Instagram

Earlier this year, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA) announced it was lifting the ban on small knives, bats, golf clubs on planes, but the decision was subsequently reversed after the agency faced blacklash from airlines and government officials. Now, if Americans try to sneak any of those items on board, they may end up on TSA’s new Instagram “tsablogteam“.

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In between updating their blog and several Twitter accounts, TSA is making ample use of the photo-sharing site’s various filters and hashtags, such as “#instagood #instacool.” While one would assume its agents mostly collect mounds of water bottles and toiletries, below are a sampling of the more dangerous items that have been confiscated:

“#Fireworks don’t fly. (On planes)”

“#BeltBuckle #knife discovered at #Newark”

“#CreditCard #knife discovered in #Miami”

“Bayonet and throwing knife discovered at #LongBeach. Inert grenade discovered at #Albany. Dagger discovered at #Austin.”

“#StunGun #disguised as a pack of#cigarettes discovered at #Cleveland”

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