WATCH: Eyewitnesses Describe Boeing 777 Crash in San Francisco

Eyewitness Fred Hayes shares the first footage of the Asiana Airways flight as it descends and crashes on the runway. Listen to his firsthand account and other reports from the scene

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As details continue to emerge from Saturday’s Boeing 777 crash at San Francisco International Airport, survivors share their stories, insights and observations. Watch above as eyewitnesses describe the scene of the fiery crash that left two people dead and 182 injured.

(PHOTOS: Boeing 777 Crash-Lands at San Francisco Airport)

Additional footage, recorded by witness Fred Hayes, shows the airliner’s descent and eventual crash on the runway. Watch the footage here — and listen to Hayes’ firsthand account.


It seems that so large aircraft need longer airstrips particularly if the pilot is not very experienced and if the pilot is not getting much help from ground control.

It should not be very difficult to pilot such a plane (if you like to fly and have prepared very thoroughly and carefully for such a job) but to land in that airstrip that looks short you have got to be very careful.

(It seems expert flyer say it is not difficult to land at SFO. Is this correct?).

I have no idea how much help from ground is required to land a plane this big.

The conversation I heard from ground control was not clear enough.    But may be it is not required since in good measure probably help comes from electronic automatic signals.

So far it seems the plane was in perfect working condition.

Where was the problem? Lack of skill in piloting the craft? Not enough help from ground control either automatic electronic signals or voice from an expert controller especially if a foreign plane is coming in?  

We need to wait and see. We can not, should not, must not jump into conclusions.   

Even in perfect conditions accidents happen.

It would be very interesting and instructional to listen to experts in this field to have a better idea of what happened.

It is very sad and let us hope family and friends find solace, comfort, and alleviate the grief , soon.