Coffee Bean Socks Claim to Reduce Foot Odor

Love coffee? Soon you can wear your favorite beans, too.

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Ministry of Supply

The Atlas sock

Summertime calls for kicking off the shoes and pitter-pattering around barefoot, but for those still trekking to the office during the hottest months, soon there will be a sock that inventors claim will ward off wetness and bad smells. Made of 40% recycled polyester yarn that’s infused with carbonized coffee to absorb foot odor, 40% cotton to absorb foot moisture, and 20% elastane to maintain the shape, the Atlas sock is gaining a lot of traction on the crowd-sourcing site, Kickstarter. In a little over a month, the sock’s company, Ministry of Supply, has already raised $127,447–more than $94,000 over it’s original funding goal aiming to just get the minimum order quantities.

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With other (cheaper) anti-odor, quick drying socks on the market already, the sock’s distinguishing selling point is the carbonized coffee: Reclaimed from coffee roasters and drained of natural oils, it acts like the carbon particles in a Brita water filter, and instead of attracting water impurities, the carbon attracts odor molecules. The Boston-based company claims its sock will work three times more effectively at reducing odor than an average cotton sock. With 15 days still to go to place your order–starting at 2 pairs for $28–the socks come in either ankle or mid-calf shape, and sizes come in medium (men’s 6-9 shoe sizes) and large (men’s 10-13 shoe sizes), with free exchanges and refunds, according to the Kickstarter site.

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Hm...I'm not sure if that works. Socks with coffee sounds a little bit strange.

At first you have to keep your feet dry, dry, dry! So dry them thoroughly after every washing. Additionaly use newsprint inside your shoes because it absorbs moisture. But even better: Put special cedarsoles (insoles from Zederna) in your shoes. They absorb any moisture / sweat very effectively and moreover: Cedarwood has very antibacterial features (even used in the boat-building sector).