Embarrassed by Your Bald Baby? Now You Can Get Her a Wig.

Baby Bangs! wants to accessorize your infant with its bedazzled headpieces. Critics are not impressed.

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Is there nothing lovelier than a baby’s soft, smooth skin? One company thinks there is, because it’s trying to make the baby wig trend happen. While mommy clips in her hair extensions and daddy joins a very exclusive hair club, Baby Bangs! makes sure that their precious baby girl’s baldness is covered up. Yes, that’s right: The company offers hair-and-glittery-headband combinations for infants up to 9 months old in an array of colors and styles, starting at $25.

Baby Bangs! seems concerned that if your infant girl doesn’t have hair yet, she will be mistaken for a boy. “I’m not a boy!” their hot-pink homepage proclaims. To keep your “LiTTLe PRINCESS!” smiling, the designs are “sprinkled with magic, inspiring a world of whimsical wonder and mystical magical memorable moments for you and your baby girl to cherish Forever!”

Countless parents and baby bloggers are outraged by the accessory, some saying it adds to the already-existing unnecessary gendering of children. “I hope this company comes out with more products our baby girls need, because baby beauty seems like a totally untapped market,” writes Eve Vawter of Mommyish (sarcastically, we can assume). “You know what else most baby girls don’t have? Really long eyelashes. We need some real human hair eyelash extensions for them. Most baby girls are also missing super long, perfectly manicured fingernails.”

Others simply feel that wigs should be left to the grownups. “I don’t feel like babies should be subjected to wearing wigs just yet. They’re just babies,” a mom told Emily Smith of CBS 2. Maternity fashion designer Rosie Pope says she’s seen it all when it comes to baby trends, and it just keeps getting more ridiculous. “It’s endless—baby stilettos were a big thing last year for babies that can’t walk,” she told CBS 2.

A few moms, however, are more than happy to dress up their baby girls’ heads with a new ‘do. We found one on Instagram who proudly showed off her daughter’s Baby Bangs! On July 4, @lodanie uploaded a pic of her toothless seven-month-old baby girl wearing the accessory, writing: “#babybangs #newdo #notawig”:

We happen to think her little cutie looks better without it, though:


I was bald for ages and my dad hated pink, so I was dressed in navy blue a lot. When people said "what a lovely little boy!", even if I was wearing a dress, my parents would say, "she's a girl", or even just, "thank you," and get on with their lives. It's not like they were likely to ever see those people again anyway, so what difference could it possibly make?




Are you kidding me? Embarrassed? No mom in her right mind will ever be embarrassed by her baby. The creator of this product needs to have a psychiatric evaluation!


Are you kidding me right now. This is beyond ridiculous. Mom's have enough pressure on them and now they have to worry about people judging their freakin BABY for not having hair. I'm SO sick of this crap .... enough already.


who in the world is so insecure that they're embarrassed by their baby not having hair? that is honestly one of the stupidest things i've seen all day (and that's really saying something)