Stars Who Were Once Homeless

In a new interview with W magazine, Jennifer Lopez talks about her pre-fame struggles. See other celebrities who lived on the streets before making it big.

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BenIncaHutz 2 Like

Jennifer Lopez was probably never homeless. Young well built latinas with thick butts can always manage to find a roof over their heads. I'm not saying she ever gave it up but alot of guys are happy just to have a girl under the same roof. They are just happy to catch a whiff.

SallyDunford 1 Like

I believe this happened the way J-Lo says, but  I work with homeless and about to be homeless families in the Bronx, and I would define this as homeless by choice.   

The neighborhood in the Bronx that J-Lo came from was essentially a middle-class neighborhood.  She didn't have it easy, but it was also a far cry from dealing with real poverty.  She had options that she chose not to use. Her choice which could have worked out very differently, got her where she is today.  She has much to be proud of.

I work daily with people with very limited options, like the elderly couple who came here to live with their son, who was then killed in a car crash. I found them living in a closet in a basement of a building that was in foreclosure, selling vegetables on the street in order to survive.   Or the family with two disabled kids, homeless after falling behind on their rent and giving the last of their money to a "street lawyer"  who now sleep on mattresses on the floor in a relatives apartment .  J-Lo's experience is a far cry from what I see almost everyday. 

So was she really homeless ?   J-Lo pulls out the "poor kid from the Bronx" when it suits her.  It does a real disservice to people here who are struggle daily without the options she had . 

etbrand9 1 Like

If these hot shot celebs' stories pass muster, what have they done to Pay it Forward?


Have any of these claims been verified, or should we just take their word for it?  Does Time still have any journalistic standards?