George Zimmerman Found Not Guilty: 10 Twitter Reactions to the Verdict

After George Zimmerman was acquitted in the fatal shooting of Florida teen Trayvon Martin, Twitter erupted with a range of emotional responses and ruminations

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SamPeacock 1 Like

@KristineAz Good job cherry picking tweets to leave out all the celebratory shouts of "He was a n****r thug who deserved it".


Good job cherry picking tweets to leave out all the calls for violence against Zimmerman and his family.


Our Jury System has worked. It is enough.  Cnn and  NBC are looking for ratings.  Are we going to turn into a 3rd World Country, or is this going to be a USA that we all know and love.  TRIAL CLOSED,  CASE CLOSED.  Lets move on a Americans.   USA does not rule by mob rule,  if we do, we willbe Egypt.  Enough is enough, move on.