WATCH: Animation Compares Disastrous Asiana Jet Landing to Ideal One

Using a phantom image of the plane on a typical flight path, the simulation helps visualize what went wrong at San Fransisco International Airport on July 6

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When things go wrong, it’s natural to revisit the accident and agonize over what should have happened and what went wrong. In the case of Asiana Airlines flight 214, which suffered a disastrous landing July 6 that killed three passengers in San Francisco, it’s now possible to see the real and ideal landing in stark contrast. This video, created by Eyewitness Animations, shows the aircraft flying too close to the water in front of the landing strip, then catch its tail on the ground before spinning and crashing to a grinding halt. Meanwhile, a ghost airplane flies in the same frame, making a smooth and uninterrupted landing, as the airplane was expected to do. According to the company’s website, the firm creates animations of accidents and crime scenes for litigation and investigative uses.