Watch: Adventure Time With Vladimir Putin

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On July 15th, Russian President Vladimir Putin took a 30-minute submarine ride to the bottom of the Gulf of Finland. But that’s hardly out of the ordinary for him — his adventurous spirit is very often on display, preferably when TV cameras are conveniently in range. In past years, he’s embarked on dozens of adrenaline-pumping missions:

  • Racing in a Formula 1 car
  • Battling a wildfire from an airplane
  • Tranquilizing a polar bear
  • Tranquilizing a whale
  • Taking on black belts in a judo tournament
  • Scoring a goal in professional hockey
  • Discovering ancient Greek pottery while SCUBA diving

Putin is equal parts politician and action hero.


You possibly forgot to mention that Putin is an arrogant, dictatorial, misogynistic political opportunist playboy who threw his wife out for a gymnast 30 years his junior, and has severely curtailed freedom of the press and other basic civil rights while scapegoating others to deflect attention from his own foibles. A rather mild assessment from the top of google returns:

I think Time's action-hero assessment of him might just be a little short of reality :-)